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Encounter Scents Sniffing Session


As you crave for the right perfume, we crave to bring the right fragrance, and a timeless-perfect experience…

Well, if you have encounter-ed this ‘try before you buy’ page, you already know what new Encounter Scents has in the bag for you. If you are still wondering and are curious to know more about this amazing sniffing booking experience, then hold on tight as we bring to you this wonderful and amazing ‘sniff before you pick’ session

With Encounter Scents, you can now dive into the ocean of our exclusive and affordable fragrance collection before you purchase them. We are equally excited as we bring you one step closer to the irresistible and addicting fragrances that you cannot stay away from. The fragrances that are going to stay in your mind and will remain with you forever. We are sure to set your senses on fire as soon as our tempting perfume notes hit your nose.

No matter what you are looking for or what the occasion is, our wide range of intoxicating perfumes – from confidence to romance and seduction, is just the right mix that you need to smell amazingly good. Keep your head high and your confidence higher, as you walk amongst the crowd with our attention-grabbing fragrances, crafted with extreme perfection, and gallons of love. The scent collection, crafted with extreme precision from rich and correct natural raw materials, is perfect enough to captivate anyone or everyone.

If you encounter the right perfume, but still wonder if it is going to be your first-ever or yet another lovable fragrance that you can always drool upon, as and when you want, sit back, relax and leave the rest on us! We are all set to give you the best shopping experience ever. With our online perfume store, it’s always convenient to shop for the right perfume from the comfort and safety of your home. And with our sniffing booking, we leave no room for doubt as you select the perfume of your dreams - doubled luxury?

So, what are you waiting for? Book your sniffing session today!

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