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It was once said that love is the purest form of a soul at peace and life is about making every moment count. Thus, we present to you, Moelleuse, perfectly tailored for the gentle soul who understands the omnipresence of beauty and the need for harmony. A violet and carnation curtain is draped beautifully over a bed of musk and cardamom. The mellifluous floral melody gracefully works its way through the air and the smell of primrose summons the dazzle of the sun from a gentle spring morning. Both elegant and flirtatious, Moelleuse is the perfect perfume to elevate your fragrant wardrobe to unexplored heights. It will take hours for the floral charm to recede into a blur of white musk. Moelleuse’s outspoken femininity will leave an everlasting impression on everyone privileged enough to smell its glory. Just a few sprays are enough for the immortalization to take place.

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