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The man of mystery is oft revered for his humble and smooth confidence. His arresting smile conveys romance and his charming appearance is only complemented by his expertly tailored outfit. We wish to be in his company and marvel at the lack of effort with which he works the room and transforms the surrounding aura. Sensual rose from Persia navigates the composition into unquestionably romantic and arousing territory. Spicy delights of pepper and saffron enumerate the mysteries of the composition while leather and vanilla from Madagascar create an impeccable bone structure around which the other ingredients cling with ease. A natural oud accord provides the driving force of the blend while adding the ultimate mystery to this perfume masterpiece.Mystérieux, is for the modern man who assures instead of dissuades. Beguiles instead of disengages. It is for the man who loves without compromise. We wish to be him but will compromise for the opportunity to revel in his presence.

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