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With luggage left unpacked, your eagerness to bask in the afternoon sun beckons you outdoors. You open the French doors, the sunny beams greet you with their comforting warmth and you sense that your adventure is just getting started. The Mediterranean freshness of Vigoureux will leave you feeling rejuvenated for hours. As the scent of a citrus cocktail seizes your senses, you allow yourself to enjoy the spiciness of the cocktail as it blends with the lush citric aroma from the countryside’s fruits. The aroma of vanilla coated almonds and fresh vetiver is as refreshing as it could get. The smell of nature from nearby bergamot trees beckons you to enjoy the landscape for a moment longer. The sandalwood undercurrent that keeps the life of the fragrance long and tenacious only enlivens the earthly aroma from this amber and citrus cocktail. The refreshment of Vigoureux will elevate you to uncharted heights. Bright yet grounded. Simple yet intriguing. Vigoureux is vacation in a bottle.

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